Ah-Nuts Job Board

We're a glazed nut business based out of Beaverton. We sell at most of the farmers markets in Portland and Salem area. 

We're looking to train and set-loose some great new brand ambassadors May - October (Farmers Market season).  We'll teach you how to make our amazing Swalty (sweet and salty) and Drunk pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts on-site. We'll also teach you how to sell them to our numerous fans at our farmers market locations. 

For the right person this is a great job. Instead of sitting at a desk you're out in the world, getting some sun (or rain, depending on the time of year), getting some exercise. You're working alongside other entrepreneurs also trying to get their great products out to customers. You're meeting cool, community minded customers, who enjoy shopping from local vendors and who are excited to support local business like ours. You're representing a great brand with great products. Once you see how many peoples' eyes light up after trying our products you'll be hooked. It's a ton of fun explaining how we make it, watching their faces glow, and helping them find the size that's right for them. You'll be working solo most of the time, and while we'll be watching digitally, this isn't a job where you have a boss breathing down your neck. We want to trust you that you're out there advancing our brand and making money while you do it. Because we pay commission in addition to your hourly wage, you stand to make a better hourly rate than most entry level positions.

The right person for this job: 

Has a reliable car - in a sedan size or larger
Is personable 
Is a quick learner 
Is trustworthy, and excited about the idea of working outside, without supervision, around other cool farmers market vendors. 

If you're interested please send your resume and tell us why you'd be a great fit, we're excited to meet you!